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Marrakech Square

6 Cities in 3 Weeks – Our Morocco Itinerary

Marrakech Palace

With our 3-week Morocco itinerary, you’ll see ancient medinas, modern cities, beautiful coasts & the magnificent Sahara desert. Morocco can be intense & chaotic but you soon learn to love it & as soon as you leave you’ll be thinking about when you’ll return.

3 weeks

6 cities

Fez 3 days

Rabat  2 days

Casablanca 1 day

Marrakech 4 days

Scarabeo Camp 1 day

Essaouira 2 days



Fez 2 days


In our opinion, a more authentic city compared to Marrakech & also our favourite. 

What to do

Get lost in the old medina

Take in the smells of the Chouara Tanneries

Marvel at the beautiful design of Bou Inania Medersa

Relax in the Bou Jeloud Gardens

Snap the stunning entrance to Fez’ Palais Royale

Try a camel burger at Cafe Clock

Grab an orange juice by Bab Boujloud

Where to stay

Riad Anata Luxury

Riad Dar Kawa Luxury

Maison Famille Tazi Budget (Really recommend this accommodation for backpackers. Cheap, clean & run by a lovely family) 


The grand capital of Morocco but with a real European feel.

What to do

Take a stroll along the beach

Wander around the narrow alleyways in the Kasbah of the Udayas

Marvel at the Mausoleum of Mohammed V & Hassan Tower

Roam around the vibrant souks

Escape the crowds at Chellah

Check out the new city

Where to stay

Riad El Kebira Luxury

Riad Sakina Mid-rang

Riad Dar Soufa

Naima’s House Budget


Very underwhelming but with a couple of gems.

What to do

Act real fancy at Rick’s Cafe

Take in the sight of the third largest mosque in the world, Hassan II Mosque

Where to stay

We recommend just staying in Rabat & catching the train to Casablanca for the day.

Down Town Hotel Luxury

Melliber Appart Hotel Mid-range

Herb Studio Budget


Beautiful chaos at its finest. 

What to do

Explore the maze of souks

El Badi Palace

Bahia Palace

Tombeaux Saadiens

Jardin Majorelle

Jemaa el Fna square

Eat at NOMAD & Terrasse des Epices with all the other tourists

Where to stay

Riad Karmela Princesse Luxury

Dar Kawa Luxury

Riad Dar Elma Budget

Scarabeo Camp

A breath of fresh air outside of Marrakech.

What to do

1-hour camel ride

Off-the-beaten-track tour by quadbike

Half- or full-day trek with a mountain guide

Completely relax without any distractions


24 hours at the seaside.

What to do

Again, simply walking around the medina is the best way to spend the day

Catch a sunset atop the ramparts

Take a look at the beach

Visit the port lined with blue fishing boats

Try the freshly grilled fish at the stands by the port

Where to stay

Villa Quieta Luxury

Raoud Rayhane Mid-range

Daranur Budget

Desert Luxury Camp (Merzouga)

An unforgettable experience.

What to do


Sunrise & Sunset watching


Take hundreds of photos

Be amazed by the stunning dunes


The pretty blue city of Morocco.

What to do

Get lost in the narrow alleyways & climb the steep hills

Take in the lush green views all around

Where to stay

La Petite Chefchaouen Luxury

Résidence Hoteliére Chez Aziz Mid-range

Dar Touijar Budget