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Best Time To Visit Vietnam

In really simple terms, Vietnam is a very long, skinny country – 1,000 miles long. Therefore the best time to visit Vietnam can vary depending on which area of the country you want to travel to.

That being said, Spring (March to April) and Autumn months (September to October) are recommended as the best time to visit Vietnam as this is when temperatures are moderate and rainfall is low.

best time to visit vietnam

Best Time To Visit Vietnam

North Vietnam

North Vietnam includes Sapa, Hanoi and Halong Bay.

December to March, North Vietnam can feel rather chilly with temperatures dropping to 4c at night.

March to April, the weather is dry and warm so this is considered the best time to visit Vietnam.

May to August, it can feel very hot and humid. Temperatures can even reach 40c.

September to November, it feels cooler again with mostly sunny days.

best time to visit vietnam

Central Vietnam

February to August, the weather is reliably pleasant and temperatures gradually become warmer over the months.

From August to November, rainfall increases rapidly. During these months, Central Vietnam is vulnerable to torrential rain, typhoons and hurricane-force winds.

best time to visit vietnam

South Vietnam

From December to May, it’s generally dry and warm with the rainy season running from June to November.

Rainfall is often in short burst so it shouldn’t impact travel, however, it can cause problems in the Mekong Delta.

best time to visit vietnam


Tet Nguyen Dan ( Vietnam Lunar New Year) – no specific date but usually falls in February

It’s the biggest festival of the year so you can expect fireworks, temples filled with whole families and plenty of flower stalls as giving flowers is a custom during Tet Nguyen Dan.

Hoi An Full Moon Festival – Every 14th day of the lunar month

Shop, restaurants and bars in the Ancient Town switch off all electricity and so just hundreds of candles and lanterns light up the town. Entrance to temples are free of charge and while walking around the town, you’ll spot musicians playing traditional instruments, poetry reading and lantern-making classes.

Hue Festival – Can fall in April/May/June

Games and performances are held throughout the week at historical venues around Hue. There’s also street parades and sporting activities.

Buddha’s Birthday – 8th day of the 4th lunar month

Pagodas are decorated with colourful lanterns. Families gather outside to listen to the speech by the pagoda’s Head monk. Locals will offer fruit, flower garlands and various Vietnamese dishes and the street parades are watched by locals and tourists alike.

King Hung Temple Festival – Mid-April

A festival dedicated to Kinh Duong Vuong, Vietnam’s first king in 2879BC. The festival takes place at King Hung Temple.

A 100 lanterns are released the night before and a flower ceremony is held at the temple the next morning. Folk games are played during the festival dates, such as ‘danh du’ (bamboo swings), human chess, wrestling and lion dance. Also, xoan classical song performance and gheo singing is performed by local residents.

best time to visit vietnam