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A BRISK Morning Routine – Part 1

Although this doesn’t seem like my forte and I’m sure those reading know me well enough to know I am not normally one to share my grooming routine. My photography primarily focuses on travel and fashion. However, what comes with fashion, is a solid morning routine to ensure my face, my hair and my facial hair is well looked after.

As time is ticking on the ol‘ age clock and I travel more and more, may it be as far as Sri Lanka or as close as London, it’s becoming increasingly more important to look after my skin and hair. Because I do not wake up like this!

So let’s talk about grooming

Although this blog post is in collaboration with BRISK, I have actually used their beard oil for a couple of years now. I first started using their products when I returned from travelling and had a big problem with how dry my beard was, how coarse the hairs were and how it was impacting my skin.

Background on BRISK

BRISK is a relatively new men’s grooming company, starting in 2014 and stems from the bearded man trend – understandably. Their approach was to provide an easy to find, affordable product with a no-nonsense approach. Their products focus on using 100% natural ingredients and a variety of scents that make the beard look and smell good.

On top of mastering the Cedarwood and Citrus beard oils, they have recently introduced a new skincare range consisting of a face wash and moisturiser with malt extract. Malt extract is packed with nutrients that help focus on moisturising the skin and to help prevent dryness.

In line with their new products, they have also re-vamped their whole brand image and have started 2019 with much more of a statement look.

Follow the link to compare the
before and after!

And so, having used their beard oil for years, I was very happy to mix up my morning routine and try out their new products.

My Morning Routine

Since entering the freelance world, I have found myself working more and sleeping a lot less. When I wake up in the morning, it’s clear I’m missing a few hours off the recommended 7 hours of sleep.

I normally wake up between 6.00-6.30am and head straight to the gym for an hour. For me, going to the gym in the morning is like the gun going off at the start of a race. It gets me up and ready for the day! After the gym, I shower (of course) and start my morning facial routine.

  • Wash my face using the BRISK Face Wash
  • Wash my beard using the BRISK Beard Wash
  • Apply Moisturiser – BRISK Moisturiser
  • Apply Beard Oil – I use the BRISK Cedarwood Oil
  • Comb Beard through with wooden or metal comb… try stay away from plastic combs as they can splinter and damage the beard.
  • Apply beard Balm/Wax – BRISK Beard BalmI mainly use this to shape my mustache.
  • Comb through a second time with metal mustache comb.

I know, it’s a simple routine… But, the difference between not using any products vs washing/conditioning my face and beard each day and applying the oil is very noticeable.

If I don’t do my routine, my beard is dry, coarse and irritates the skin. I get more spots and my beard hairs get very tangled… The BRISK face wash helps to freshen my skin and leaves it feeling strengthened, while cleansing my face of any toxins from a day in London. The moisturiser is fast absorbing and provides 24-hour moisture and is suitable for sensitive skin.

After I wash my face and apply the moisturiser, I then focus on the beard. In Part 2 of my daily grooming regime (coming soon) I will focus on the beard wash and oil I use and why it’s important – for me at least – to keep a healthy beard and how to sustain its growth.

Ad / Special thanks to – BRISK
Photography – Luke & Hayley