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Our 2018 Travel Bucket List Destinations

Well it’s 2018 guys! The best time of the year is over and it’s time to get back to work. No more festive vibes to make the bitter cold any easier to bear. It’s just cold. Naturally, we’ve began to think of all the other destinations we could be right now…if we hadn’t just spent all our money on a 10-month Asia trip. Skyscanner just makes it so easy to sit and wander.

We’re already visiting Morocco in February and travelling around Central and South America in April (fingers crossed) but what can we say…we’re greedy. These are some of the many destinations we want to explore and cultures we want to learn about, if we can get a great deal or a winning lottery ticket.

So here’s our 2018 travel bucket list:

Lake District

Ok so this is pretty close to home so why the hell have we not been yet? While we were backpacking, we saw so many Instagrammers posting images of the UK and realised how little we’ve seen of our own home. Well don’t you worry Lake District, this year we will collapse on your hilltops and question jumping in your questionable water!


A road trip around Italy would be a dream. Pizza, pasta and thick Italian hot chocolate erryday, yes yes yes! The definite destinations would be Lake Garda, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples & Amalfi Coast – you know, just to name a few.


The last time we visited Paris is when we were tots so it doesn’t really count does it? Therefore we have not been to Paris and it’s about time we experience some of that Paris sophistication. We want to dress up real fancy and pretend we’re in a movie before we head over to Disneyland to live our best lives.


Over the years, we’ve heard so many people return from their Barcelona travels with real adoration for the city so we’d just love to see if Barcelona lives up to the hype.

Greek Islands

They all look so beautiful. Crete. Symi. Hydra. Santorini. Mykonos. Ios. Just a Greek Island cruise would be ideal. Look at those blues, oh my!


If you’re unsure why, Google: Wadi Shab, Salalah, Sharqiya Sands, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Jabal Akhdar, Daymaniyat Islands. The scenery and activities on offer in Oman are vast; mountains, sand dunes and clear waters for snorkelling ?. Oman is still considered to be an undiscovered gem so we want to get there ASAP.


I don’t think anyone would ever turn down an African safari. We have a serious obsession with ALL animals. Seriously, our dream home would be a farm, mainly filled with lambs because ??. To see Africa’s beautiful creatures roam freely would be an unforgettable experience. In addition to an African safari, we’d love to visit Botswana, Namibia, Gambia, Tanzania, South Africa & Kenya.


To be honest, there are countless reasons as to why we want to visit Iceland. Not just for the pure magic of the Northern lights or the sheer range and depth of the Glaciers. But for the modern architecture within the cities, for a dip in the amazing Blue Lagoon’s steamy waters, to compare the the Icelandic volcano to ones we visited in Indonesia and of course, to see some wildlife!


Last but not least, Japan has to be on the list. If you follow travel-grammers like @jordhammond then you’re well aware of the wonders of Japan. From the mountains, fashion, food and everything else! We’re gutted that during our Asia travels that despite being in such close proximity to Japan, we did not have the time or money to visit!

Who are we kidding? EVERYWHERE is on our travel bucket list.