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Boat journey on Inle Lake

Our Inle Lake Scrapbook

Nothing beats getting up before the sun, heading out tired as hell but getting a boost from the cool air and stunning lighting. Ok and a coffee to assist.

Almost all over Asia, Myanmar included, we have found that life starts long before the sun is up. In Bali, you’ll find locals up at 4 or 5am clearing up the previous day’s offerings in preparation for new offerings. In Thailand you find crowds of locals buying their fruit and veg for the day at the morning market. In the same fashion, no matter how early you get on that boat and explore the depths of Inle Lake, there will always be someone out there before you – whether it’s the model fisherman entertaining tourists, the real fishermen, market stalls setting up or the jewellers preparing to open up shop.

We headed out on our boat at roughly 5.30am and spent hours exploring each corner of the lake. We started on the largest part of the lake, watching the sunrise over the surrounding mountains and the morning mist gradually disappear. We sat for about 30 minutes watching life go by. Following this, we took the next 4 to 5 hours exploring the small water villages of Inle Lake, visiting morning markets, pagodas and local shops.

Sunrise on The Lake

These two spent their whole day waiting for tourists to pass by, would throw together the poses that we want to take photos of and would slowly float to you for their tip. Everyone has to earn a living whether it’s fishing or pretending to fish.


Creating Jewellery

Inle Lake Silver

Inle Lake Silver

Inle Lake Silver


The Morning Market

The Emperor Hotel Inle Lake

The Emperor Hotel Inle Lake

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