24 Hours In Paris | Paris | France | Perpetual Journeys
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24 Hours In Paris

 Paris, the city of romance. A city so many people dream of visiting. Yet, our first impression of Paris wasn’t a great one. We had travelled on an overnight coach, arriving at 5am when absolutely nothing was open including the subway. After hours of waiting around, we were finally able to get a train to our overpriced, shabby hostel. This first trip was very literally 24 hours in Paris.


We spent the day rushing around taking photos, vlogging and filming a cinematic video without taking a break for food or water. The trip was truly a mess which made us believe that Paris was in fact, very overrated. However, on our most recent trip we made sure we travelled on the Eurostar, secured a lovely hotel and reserved more time to explore the city.

This trip completely changed our minds. We were able to enjoy Paris’s beauty and understand why it is so loved.



Firstly, we were so impressed with the Eurostar. The ease of boarding and just being able to walk around were real bonuses. As a person with a fear of flying, I found the train ride to be a very relaxing journey.

We stayed at Hotel Adele & Jules which is a 15-minute walk away from Gare du Nord, where the Eurostar arrives so it’s very convenient.

Walking around Paris is ideal but time-consuming so the best alternative to would be riding the metro – it’s not expensive and speedy.

(Budget-friendly) Locations

With only 24 hours in Paris, tourist mode needs to be on. These are the spots you definitely want to hit:

Eiffel Tower. Head to Trocadéro for some of the best views of the Eiffel Tower. Getting there for sunrise is best to avoid the crowds. 

The Louvre. Not necessarily to see the Mona Lisa but to appreciate the architecture from the outside.

Monmarte. A charming, little area to get lost in. Home to La Masion Rose – the pretty pink building all over Instagram.

Arc De Triomphe. 

Pont Alexandre III.

Jardin du Palais Royal or Jardin des Tuileries.