9 Incredible Apps for Easy Travel | Perpetual Journeys
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9 Incredible Apps That Will Change The Way You Travel

Google Maps – Finding your way


This may be a no brainier to some but who knew you could use Google Maps and your GPS location without using data? Well when Hayley and I were travelling Sri Lanka we didn’t know this and found ourselves taking screenshots of where wanted to go on Google maps and trying to navigate offline. Don’t be like us! Google maps & your phone’s GPS is a godsend for finding your way through the tight & busy streets in India or navigating your way to the waterfalls in Bali.

Alternatively, Maps.Me is a very similar application that we have also tried and a lot of other travellers use. It has the same functions as Google Maps but you can download a city map with the intention to use it offline!


Netflix – Offline downloads for long travel or wifi-less rooms


Once again, maybe a no brainer but downloading films on Netflix has been a real treat through our travels. Hayley and I are film buffs, and have been long before travelling. However, our budget for accommodation often didn’t allow for rooms that had a great internet connection or a TV. Plus, travelling Asia involves a lot of long ass bus, train, car, plane and boat journeys. So Netflix [online & offline downloads] has been one of our monthly outgoings that we were happy to invest in.


Spotify – Always music


Spotify is our go to app for music and is another brilliant app for those LONG journeys around the world. When we can find a strong enough wifi connection we’ll normally spend a little time listening to the  songs in the UK charts and normally change the tune pretty quickly. We have a number of saved playlists that we continually add to, one being a travelling playlist that I created since travelling (although granted it’s not very long). We also have a workout playlist, classic rock and movie soundtracks (a lot of Disney and La La Land).


Mobile Banking – Transfer your savings for more travel

Online Banking

There are some apps that have been around for a while and for some reason (probably laziness) I have never thought to download or use them. Mobile banking is one. I have always taken the long way round and only used online banking on my laptop. However, when we have weak wifi and limited time, this app comes in handy; my phone tends to respond to weak wifi much better than my laptop. It’s much easier to manage my money and make instant transfers when the funds are looking low and we’re on the move.


Grab / Uber – To get around


In many countries when it wasn’t convenient to take a bus ride, we would end up bartering for the best prices for a tuk tuk ride, only to end up paying the ‘tourist price’. After shortly arriving in Indonesia we were introduced to Grab. The exact same concept as Uber but focusing in Malaysia and neighbouring Southeast Asian nations such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. Grab is now our go to app for any journeys longer than a motorbike ride. It is noticeably cheaper then Uber and provides you multiple travel options including: Car, Bike and Luxury Car. Additionally, price varies on the distance you’re travelling (obviously) and the type of transport you want.

An hour ride on a Bike in Bali is roughly £1.73. An hour ride in an air conditioned car in Bali is roughly £4.00. So nothing that will break the bank!


Currency / XE Currency – So you know what you’re really paying

XE Currency

Putting a foreign currency in perspective of your home currency can be a bit of a bitch. The app, ‘XE Currency’, allows you to clearly see a number of currency conversions in the same place. This app is of course a MUST!


Booking.com – Accommodation


Whether you’re budget backpackers or luxury travellers, finding the perfect accommodation is key and for us, Booking was a no brainer. We personally prefer using Booking over Agoda and Hostelworld. It has hundreds of thousands of properties across most countries (at least all the ones we’ve travelled!), a reliable reviewing system, a detailed filter system (perfect for budget travellers 😉 )  and has useful benefits such as the Genius member benefits that grant you small wins like 10% off and Early check in / Late check out. Not to forget, the usability of both the website and app is very straightforward and easy.



Pinterest – Travel Ideas


Travel ideas, travel planning and Pinterest is really Hayley’s expertise. I am still shocked to this day how she has managed to plan 6 months of travelling and then extend that to a 9 month trip including every activity each day. What I do know is a few of her ideas and her inspiration came from Pinterest (on top of a shit load of research outside of Pinterest). But it’s definitely a go to app for almost anything.

Because of that reason, we have created our own Perpetual Journeys Pinterest page that we are currently developing!


VSCO – Photo Editing


Everyone should know about VSCO and if you don’t know. Then get to know. This little beauty was the first app Hayley and I turned to for editing our photos so we could create a level of consistency on our Instagram feeds. An app we still use to create quick and easy edits for our Instagram stories. It has a great range of filters, some free and others not, and all the functionalities of a proper photo editing software.