A BRISK Morning Routine - Part 2 | Perpetual Journeys
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A BRISK Morning Routine – Part 2

Part 2 of 2 to my morning routine focuses on the importance of using beard oils, washing your beard and maintaining the beard.

Hayley is very conscious of her age and is forever saying to me – if you don’t look after your face now, when you’re old, you’re going to look it! And so, I have created a morning routine that keeps my beard and face refreshed and moisturised while supporting healthy aging.

The biggest challenge to growing a beard is first, growing it and second, maintaining it. For many years, through university, I was obsessed with growing my beard but couldn’t understand why I wasn’t achieving the look and feel that I wanted. This was down to a lack of grooming. One of the most important elements to grooming your beard is finding the right beard oil.

For a few years now I’ve used the BRISK Cedarwood Beard Oil. It’s made with 100% natural oils combining almond, avocado, argan and jojoba oils all formed into a fast absorbing and highly moisturising formula. In terms of the benefits for the beard, it helps the beard and skin feel hydrated and less itchy, helps tame and freshens the beard hair – which ultimately, helps give it some sort of shape. This was a big mediating factor that I missed out on at university.

The Routine

Every morning after showering & cleansing, I will use the BRISK Beard and Face Wash to clean the beard. The hair in the beard is very different to that on your head, and so, requires different kinds of oils and vitamins to support healthy growth. I’m currently using the Tea Tree and Cedarwood Wash by BRISK as it cleanses and nourishes the beard. The Tea Tree is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties.

Following that, I apply the beard oil. This way the hair follicles and pores are open and absorb the oil faster. I then use a wooden or metal comb to untangle the hairs, help spread the oil and shape the beard. I’ll always opt for a wooden or metal comb rather than plastic because the plastic can splinter and damage the beard.

Lastly, as an extra touch and this is for beards with a bit more length to them, you can use the BRISK Beard Balm to add shape and definition to your beard. I primarily use it to keep my moustache off my top lip, but you can apply it to the bulk of the beard to soften the hairs and neaten the overall look.

I’m sure this all seems fairly straight forward but you’d be surprised at the amount of fellow bearded men I talk to that tend to neglect this part of their grooming regime. It takes 10 minutes out of my day and makes a big impact on the way I style my beard, the growth of my beard and the impact on my skin.

To shop the full range of skincare and beard groom range from BRISK – head over to their website – www.briskgrooming.co.uk

Ad / Special thanks to – BRISK
Photography – Luke & Hayley