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Desert Luxury Camp at night

A Night Under the Stars with Desert Luxury Camp

For us, a trip to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without a trip to our bucket list destination, the Sahara desert. It definitely wasn’t a case of if but who with. There is no shortage of tours that will offer a night in the desert but after a lot of research, we made a decision & got in contact with Desert Luxury Camp.

We travelled for 10 hours from Marrakech by bus & private car, however, there are so many travel agencies in Marrakech & Fes that can arrange transport to Merzouga, of course at a greater price! If you want to save a bit of money & go at it alone, have a look at how we reached Merzouga.

Sahara desert

When we first had a glimpse of the desert, we were absolutely mesmerised. Even after seeing countless photos, we still couldn’t believe the peaks of orange & yellow that stood gloriously as far as the eye can see.

We were more than excited when Abdou, a member of the Desert Luxury Camp team, greeted us & loaded our bags into the SUV. After a long wait in a desert camp and a bumpy ride over the sand dunes, we reached a gathering of camels (or dromedaries as they have one hump). We’re obsessed with all animals so a chance to get close & personal with the camels was a great start to the experience.

While our luggage was driven to the camp, we hopped on the camels & rode for just under an hour towards our home for the night. Riding a camel with only empty sand dunes in sight is how you imagine the perfect desert experience. Despite Luke nearly falling off because his saddle was put on lopsided, but that’s another story!

Sahara Camels

After a while, we began to see the tents, like an oasis in the desert. The path to each tent is lined with red Berber rugs providing a luxury feel instantly. The inside of our tent was very spacious but cosy with the feel of soft carpet under our feet. The bed was so comfortable and came with an electric blanket for when the temperature dropped – definitely an essential. The tent also included a toilet and shower with hot water. We stayed in true glamping style.

Desert Luxury Camp

Desert Luxury Camp Tent

Once we’d settled into our tent & enjoyed a mint tea, we set out to take photos on the dunes. We spent the afternoon exhausting ourselves climbing the dunes which is a lot more difficult than you think. The sand is perfect. Just watch out for the beetles. After spending a few days in the hustle & bustle of Marrakech, being alone acting like children at Disneyland in the largest sandpit in the world is just what we needed. We stayed out to watch a beautiful sunset & then headed back to the camp before it was dark. The red path was now lit with lanterns as if it couldn’t look any prettier.

After a warm shower, we made our way to the dining tent & enjoyed a delicious 3-course meal. We then sat around the fire pit in the communal lounge, keeping warm while we waited for the promised entertainment. After everyone joined the circle (a whole 8 of us), the brilliant staff treated us to traditional Berber music & dancing. We all reluctantly joined after a few pulls of the arm.

Hands down, our favourite part of the desert experience is when the lights were turned off & candles were blown out so that we were in complete darkness. Without light pollution, the sky just lit up beautifully. Stargazing in the Sahara desert was just a breathtaking moment.

The next morning, we woke up just in time to catch the sun rising over the horizon. Just to add to the list of moments we’ll remember for many years to come. At this point, it was absolutely freezing so the idea of a stunning photo with a flowy dress was off the cards, unfortunately. We didn’t think the Instagram algorithm would work in our favour if we posed in Adidas joggers.

We spent the majority of the next day hanging out at the camp, appreciating the lack of wifi & Instagramming. However, we did make time for sandboarding which was a lot of fun & surprisingly easy to get the hang off. Climbing back up the hills with a snowboard under the African sun, however, isn’t fun at all. The main downside is that they are quite literally snowboards so without the big boots on, the straps left bruises on our legs.

And before we knew it, it was time to drive to the bus stop to catch our night bus to Fes. You get good days & bad days eh?!

Our night in the desert will always be an experience that stands out from the rest of our time in Morocco. There’s something truly magical about being in the desert. Being surrounded by only nature & experiencing its silence will leave you in awe. We really love it & hope you all add a trip to the desert on to your bucket list.

Luke & Hayley in the Sahara


Desert Luxury Camp