Stepping into 2019 w/ Base London | Fashion | Perpetual Journeys
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Base London Beach Scene

Stepping Into 2019 With Base London Shoes

Luke & Hayley for Base London

Stepping into the new year with a new mindset, a fresh pair of eyes and a new pair of shoes [literally].

During our 10-month trip around Asia, we began ‘Perpetual Paces’, an Instagram account to hold our travel photos. This soon turned into ‘Perpetual Journeys’ when we decided to create our blog. Hayley and I wanted a place to share our backpacking journey including our photos, tips and experiences.

Ultimatley, it became our little corner of the internet where we could share our experience, get creative and hopefully inspire other people.

Travelling had always been a priority of ours since starting University. By the end of our 10-month travels, we realised how much we enjoyed photography and blogging. It’s now a year on and we’re just starting to realise how far we can get, doing what we love.

I’ve always followed stylish people and creatives but in Asia, I noticed a totally different way of styling and design. At that time, I was living with just the clothes on my back so I was forced to find a way of mixing up my outfits with the same 10 items.

I then became adamant about investing more time in my personal style when I returned to the UK. Since returning, Hayley and I have become passionate about fashion photography. And so, although both Hayley and I are still travelling regularly, we have chosen to include both fashion and travel into our work.

Perpetual Journeys Goals For 2019

2018 was the start of Perpetual Journeys. The start of our freelancing career. And the start of a very steep learning curve of social media, mens/womenswear, photography and videography.

2019 holds a lot more travel and a lot more photography. We want to improve our photography skills and improve the quality of our work. We also want to move away from solely shooting for social media and start creating to create again.

Exploring Margate w/ Base London

The first look was based around the well constructed, high quality Fleming Loafer. A leather based loafer with contemparary embossing, a slim design and the ability to be worn with both casual and formal wear.

The second look was also quite formal. I paired a smart/casual outfit with the Constable brogues. A durable, versatile and functional shoe that has a sleek design but a sturdy base.

Look three was more about comfort and functionality so I tried out the Hustle trainer. With a sporty design, the six-laced trainer has reinforced rubber heels to provide a snug fit and comfort all around.

Finally, I finished my looks with one of my favorite pairs – the Buster Suede Boots. Despite living in the UK where the average summer temp is 13 degrees, I still feel the need to take plenty of trips to the beach.

The Buster boot was my go-to pair of shoes on this occasion because their high-quality suede sits on a lightweight wedge sole that provides a durable design for each terrain.

Ad / Speacial thanks to – Base London & John Jarrett
Photography – Steve Rolls – Base London

Cinematographer – Curt Taylor
Producer & Director – John Jarrett