A Coastal Break W/ Beara Beara | Perpetual Journeys
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A Coastal Break W/ Beara Beara

Ever since Hayley and I started travelling in January 2017, our views on tangible goods and products changed massively. We lived out of a backpack for 10 months with our basic essentials and 4/5 outfits. Anything that didn’t fit in our bag, wasn’t coming with us!

As a result, we grew a massive appreciation for well crafted, durable accessories. A good example – Hayley’s trusted Teva sandals. She wore every day for 10 months until the sole started to peel off.

Moving forward a year, we are now back in the UK and have spent the majority of 2018 photographing different countries in Europe and exploring many cities and coastlines wtihin the UK.

We still live very basically despite being back at home and having our own flat. Therefore, we often look for quality in a product over price. We will opt for a high quality accessory that can withstand our New Forest treks in the summer and coastal walks in the winter.

Beara Beara

Founder, Jake Bullough, was living in Bolivia when he encountered a small family who had been making and selling leather bags for years. Intrigued by the combination of incredible craftsmanship and quality materials, Jake and the family started to collaborate on custom made leather handbags, which eventually led to Beara Beara.

“Although the brand is based in London, our work in Bolivia is just as important. From day one the concepts of providing employment and improving livelihoods were integral to the kind of company we wanted to build.” Beara Beara.

Craftsmanship, quality, aesthetics, functionality, practicality and usability are only a handful of words used by Beara Beara to describe their bags.


As our first trip in 2019, Hayley and I decided to put the Beara Beara bags to the test with a trip to Winterton-on-sea, Norfolk. This particular beach in Norfolk, along with many others, is beautiful. Clean, huge and empty with soft sand and rolling dunes. The day began sunny with blue skies but it’s hard to ignore the harsh coastal winds and when the fog began to cover the whole beach, we knew that was our cue to leave. Typical, fickle Britsh weather.

Unlike the weather, our backpacks did not disappoint. They’re definitely more spacious than we expected them to be. We were able to fit in all our equipment, accessories and a cosy jumper across the two bags. Another aspect of the bag we love is the actual quality of the bag. We didn’t feel like we needed to be careful when loading them up. Lastly, they’re just very bloomin’ nice to look at!

Beara Beara currently have a Valentine’s day free embossing campaign. Use the code “bemyvalentine” between 24th Jan. to 7th Feb. for free embossing!

Ad / Speacial thanks to – Beara Beara
Photography – Luke & Hayley