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The Emperor Hotel Inle Lake

One Night In Inle With Emperor Hotel Inle Lake

The Location

The town of Inle is small, with few restaurants and even fewer shops. Yet, masses of land, be it Lake or fields. As we were only in Inle for 1 night, we wanted to stay in a hotel that was in close proximity to the bus drop off point, walking distance to restaurants and walking distance to the boat docking point. Hotel Emperor Inle was ideal for what we wanted. The hotel’s central location offered breathtaking views of the town, lake and mountain ranges. The perfect stop for a night in Inle.

Inle Lake View

The Room

The first thing we noticed about the hotel was the traditional decor that from the lobby to the rooms. A common theme of gold, red and white conveyed the right level of luxury.

Of course, every room comes with an all-important air conditioning system, toilet amenities, tea and coffee, and one hell of a view! [See the photo above]

We were only in Inle for one night but Hotel Emperor managed to provide the perfect level of comfort and gave a sense of Burmese culture just right through the design of their rooms. What’s more, we had just enough coffee to fuel our sunrise trip on the lake!


  • A buffet breakfast was included with the room, however, as we were only staying for a night and used our only morning to watch the sunrise on the lake, we missed the breakfast times. 🙁 The sunrise trip was of course worth it!
  • Transportation to and from Inle was something we had already organised. However, a lot of the guests staying at Emperor Hotel actually booked their coach journeys from Inle to Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon through the hotel. Likewise, you can arrange an airport shuttle and car hire through these guys.
  • They offer free bike rental. That said, they only have 20 bikes available and it works on a first come first served basis. If you have more than a night in Inle, we highly recommend getting a bike and cycling around the area especially as the hotel is situated in the center of town. It’s close to some of the top tourist spots – Maing Thauk Village, Hot spring and Red Mountain Wine Yard.
  • Early check in! Emperor are very aware that buses from Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon depart in the evening and arrive to Nyaung Shwe early in the morning. As a result, they will happily show you to your room if you arrive earlier than the designated check in time – if your room is free of course…
  • Emperor has a separate bathroom for checked out guests that can really make your night bus a little easier. Feeling clean before getting on the stuffy bus does make us feel more comfortable and refreshed when we get to the other side.

The Boat Tour of Inle

Typically, the main reason for visiting Inle is for a trip along Inle Lake. Inle Lake is a major tourist attraction so we were able to easily arrange our boat ride through the hotel.

Key tourist attractions

Traditional silver-smithing that includes locals retrieving silver from the mines that line the hills that surround the lake. Once the silver is transported to the village, they are turned into simple but stunning trinkets.

Local fishermen who are known for practising a distinctive rowing style which involves standing at the stern on one leg and wrapping the other leg around the oar.

The traditional houses along the lake sit on stilts and are made of woven bamboo.

The Longneck Padaung women, a tribe of women in Inle (and other locations) who purposefully wear many necklaces, or golden rings, to have longer necks.

Take a look at our Inle Lake Photo Gallery

Overall Impression

Emperor Hotel Inle was perfect for our Inle Lake visit and we are gutted we couldn’t stay longer. We missed out on a lot of little perks like the buffet breakfast and free bike rental. Our time spent in Inle was definitely made a lot easier thanks to the guys at Emperor. If you’re able to spend a few days in this beautiful little town, we highly recommend staying at Emperor Hotel!

Emperor Hotel Inle

Yone Gyi Street No.88, Kanthar Quarter
Nyaung Shwe,
11221 Myanmar

+95 9784080107