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George Town Street Art

George Town’s Best Street Art

If you plan on heading to George Town, you’re definitely aware of the George Town street art hype. You may even be heading there just for the street art and for good reason too! There’s street art literally around every corner. But the main pieces tourists are drawn to, are the interactive murals painted by Ernest Zacharevic.

George Town Street Art


As much as we loved these paintings around George Town, our favourite place for street art was the Hin Bus Depot.

The Hin Bus Depot

Previously an abandoned bus depot, it is now an art space away from the old town in a less touristy area. In the front building, there’s a gallery that exhibits sculptures, paintings and photography by both local and international artists. Outside however, there’s a small garden surrounded by crumbling walls with murals by Zacharevic and others. The street art here is vibrant and varies considerably. Another bonus is how quiet it is; we were the only people there for quite a while. This is considerably different to how it is when you visit the popular murals that always involve a queue.

If you want to appreciate all the George Town street art, then the Hin Bus Depot is definitely worth a visit.


Hin Bus Depot Art