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Hayley's 2018 goals

Hayley’s Goals for 2018

Oh hi 2018, I don’t mean to be negative but 2017 will be very hard to top!

This isn’t a list of those unrealistic new years resolutions, they are all doable…hopefully?. I’m hoping that with my 2018 goals, I’m able to really work on myself so that I can finish the year not just being proud of the things that I’ve done but also how I have improved myself.

Improve my photography

I began to really enjoy taking photographs while Luke & I were travelling. While we were away I was following big IG accounts that focused on travel so I kinda thought that I needed to be somewhere amazing in order to take a great photo. Pretty naive.

However, since returning to the UK I’ve been following IG accounts that focus on creativity & finding an artistic angle. An IG account doesn’t have to be filled with blue skies & turquoise waters to be amazing & worth following. I want to focus on being a better photographer & turn my everyday surroundings into something I’d want to show my followers.

Be more sociable

I have a tendency to reply to messages from friends & family days, weeks, even months later. Or sometimes not at all. But still expect to maintain relationships. Terribly unreasonable huh. Family, I’m very grateful to you all for still putting up with me.❤ 

Get fit

I know this has probably made it on to everyone’s ‘2018 goals’ but it’s true. I really want to exercise. Not to lose weight but for my overall health. After a little run around on a dog walk, I’m gasping for breath for half an hour. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to look a little more toned. Look good. Feel good. I definitely want to participate in charity runs so I can use my IG following for something good.

Read more

While we were travelling, it was really easy to fit in reading time. 9-hour train journeys. 7-hour bus journeys. But now that I’m home, it’s a little harder to fit in time to read especially when I’d rather spend my evening binge-watching Netflix. However, I would like to make sure that I spend time reading just before bed. I’d be very appreciative of any recommendations – I’m a thriller kind o’ gal.

Attempt to make videos

Because why not? We should all try new things once in a while. Luke & I could end up being amazing at creating videos. Doubt it but there’s a possibility & that’s what counts??

Be more confident

I am very insecure.  My anxiety does get in the way & really gets me down some days so I simply want to start each day with a positive attitude. Stop comparing myself to others & focus on my own goals & well-being.

I think we can all be quite guilty of comparing ourselves to others on Instagram. We look at successful accounts that look so perfect & wonder why ours can’t look like that. Inspiration is good but comparison, not so much.

Make a comment about your own 2018 goals, I’d love to hear what you have planned for the year.