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Paul Smith in the Sahara

Investment Brands & The Test of Time

 Paul Smith in the Sahara

Don’t dress for fashion, dress for yourself – Paul Smith


Paul Smith in the Sahara


From about the age of 12, I began growing this weird fascination with 1930s America which eventually progressed into an obsession of the image of the ‘American working-man’. I think this stemmed from 1) being born in Virginia  and 2) continuously listening to Johnny Cash.

Fun Fact – the first ever song I downloaded on Limewire (remember Limewire?) was Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire! 

This was eventually conveyed through my style, the music I listened to and the people I followed on social media. After university, I began to take my own personal style a bit more seriously and stopped following trends – Which I kept up-to-date with very well – and I finally started investing more of my time in following brands that represented my personal style more accurately. The only issue was having the money for this new style.


Throughout my time at university, I predominantly wore high-street brands like Topman & River Island. They both produce high-quality clothes that fit well and look good. However, as time progressed and my vision of style changed, the spray-on stretch skinny jeans that these brands were selling just weren’t making the cut for me. Plus, I have chicken legs, so skinny jeans don’t work for me.

Having had this obsession with the American working man for a while, and following icons like Johnny Cash, Elvis, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen and so on, it was time to find brands that help me portray a style that I would enjoy wearing.


So where is this going? If you follow me on Instagram or know me personally, you will know that I am not a big spender. When it comes to clothes, I will look for high-quality pieces that I know will stand the test of time. Thus, relating back to the image of the American working man who wears clothes that can go the distance.

After travelling Asia for 10 months in the same 3 pairs of shorts and 5 t-shirts, I now spend a lot more time looking for investment brands and have been lucky enough to collaborate with one of my favourite brands, Paul Smith. A UK based clothing brand that takes inspiration from colours and experiences around the world and reinvents these ideas into their clothes.


Considering I too am obsessed with travelling and new world experiences, it’s refreshing to work with a brand that creates clothing that is inspired by the same passions as my own. As a result, it was only fair to take this brand with me on our latest trip to Morocco to really test the durability, quality and design of the clothes.