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Luke Martin

Luke’s Goals for 2018

Luke's 2018 Goals

2017 was by far one of the best years of my life to date. I say this because at the end of January 2017, Hayley and I packed our bags and left to travel Asia for an intentional 6 month trip turned 10 months. Living on 1 years savings and no chocolate or alcohol. As we are almost halfway through month 1 of 2018, it’s time to start figuring out how I can make 2018 as productive and memorable as 2017.

As a result, the goals listed below are probably a little bit different to my 2017 goals and they are much more focused on self development, be it my career, my social status or my travel goals.

Improve my photography and videography skills

Something I know Hayley will have in her list too! Just before we left for travelling in 2016, Hayley and I both invested about £400 into high quality compact cameras. Our intention was to take as many memories away from travelling as possible, not necessarily because we were photography enthusiasts. That said, as we travelled more, and took more photos, we started to invest a lot more time learning how to properly take photos, what we should look for and so on.

Currently, I’d say we are pretty confident photographers but not necessarily GOOD photographers. And that is my first goal for 2018. Invest more time in learning the art of photography, test different styles of shooting and walk away at the end of the year knowing exactly what I am doing – What I want to shoot and how to shoot it.

This mindset carries over to our videography. Late last year we started to film a little bit with our Go Pro Hero 4 but never really created a proper video. At least not one we really liked. So in 2018, we are going to shift our focus on to videoing more and learning what to shoot, how to shoot and how to edit.

Invest more time on my personal style

I have always been a fashion enthusiast but have never had the wallet to back it up. After spending 10 months wearing the same 5 t-shirts and same 2 pairs of shorts, it only grew my appreciation for clothes more. Plus, following a number of top fashion instagrammers and watching their style develop probably didn’t help.

So, in 2018 I have decided to invest time on developing my own style and will be sharing much more fashion related content on the blog and my Instagram account. This should fall into my lifestyle shots that I have started integrating into my IG profile – @perpetualpaces

Develop my marketing career

As Hayley and I are no longer travelling full-time (mainly because we ran out of money), we came to the joint decision to freelance full-time in order to have the flexibility to travel. What’s more, while travelling (e.g. Morocco for 3 weeks in Feb.) we are able to still earn a living (part-time) and enjoy the new adventures.

What do we do?

Hayley focuses on Organic Search marketing (SEO), Social Media & Content Writing. While I primarily focus on Paid Search Marketing (across Google, Bing & Social Media). As this is the ultimate career I want to maintain & develop, I need to invest time on improving my skills in digital marketing, learning new ones, and taking a variety of tests and exams in order to become certified in said practices. Over the year, I should develop my freelance profile to give me a sense of flexibility in my work, thus allowing me to travel when I want to and work my ass of when I don’t.

Learn to speak Spanish

A weird one? Well there is a good reason behind this.

The first reason is because I can only speak 1 language – English. Although a very universal language, I think it is a bit stubborn of me not to know any others. In secondary school we had the opportunity to learn several languages, I studied French and Spanish and failed them both miserably and never looked back. SO it is time to do something about it.

I am choosing Spanish for this year because Hayley and I have a plan to visit South & Central America later in the year and have been told that many locations speak primarily Spanish and Limited English.

My goal – by the time i’m in Cuba, i’ll be speaking like one of the locals!

Explore More

My last goal for 2018 (so far) is to explore more. After our 2017 trip I now have the bug for travel and have a new outlook on this type of lifestyle. I want to explore the United Kingdom a lot more then I have, I think before travelling I had only been to a handful of places because I went to University there or have family. But now my goal is to travel to locations I know are worth the journey – Some are listed in our 2018 travel bucket list.

Likewise, as I mentioned in the previous goal, South and Central America are high on our travel list, as well as a lot of closer to home locations in Europe!

Make a comment about your own 2018 goals, I’d love to hear what you have planned for the year. 


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