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Morocco 1970 Landscape

Morocco 48 Years Ago

Morocco 1970 Landscape


Having planned and booked our trip to Morocco in February 2018, I feel it’s only fitting to take a step back and look at this stunning country from 40+ years ago.

I can only imagine how wildly different any country would have been 40+ years ago compared to today. Be it the level of accommodation, the level of communication or the quality/accessibility of transport.

I like to think of how different it would have been to travel at that time. Nowadays we have high expectations when we travel, we expect everything to run (relatively) smoothly.

Instagram posts often inspire us to travel to a certain destination and with that, we kinda know what we’re likely to see and do. 40 years ago you wouldn’t know exactly what you’re getting yourselves into. And of course, our easy access to the internet wherever we go makes travelling pretty darn easy.

Google Maps = Game Changer.



I recently heard a story from my Grandad’s trip to Morocco in the 1970s. He and my Grandma drove from the UK to Morocco and explored the Sahara Desert. Just the two of them and their jeep. They explored so far and so wide to the point of running out of petrol and were momentarily stranded in the desert. Long story cut short, after saying goodbye to a few cigarette packets (given to locals so they stop hassling them), they, and their jeep made it home in one piece!

So take a dive into my Grandad’s trip around Morocco and let me know your thoughts as we sit at home planning our 2018 excursion!


Morocco 1970 (10)