visit the sahara
5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit The Sahara
It is out of the way; 560km from the popular city, Marrakech, so many tourists miss out on the wonder
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rabat itinerary
24 Hours In Rabat
We think Rabat is a bit underrated in all honesty, especially considering it’s Morocco’s capital city. It’s incredibly peaceful and
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from casablanca to marrakech
Travel From Casablanca to Marrakech
The most convenient way to travel around Morocco is by train as the main cities are well connected. The trains
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Dar El Kebira Lounge
8 Reasons to stay at Dar El Kebira
Dar El Kebira – “This house is your home”   For our trip to Rabat, we sought a flavour of
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What Women Should Wear In Morocco
Although there’s no particular dress code for what to wear in Morocco, you should appreciate their customs. Morocco is a
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Hayley in Fes
5 Things to do in Fez, Morocco
We get the feeling that Fez is a love it or hate it kinda place. And we most certainly loved
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Marrakech Square
6 Cities in 3 Weeks – Our Morocco Itinerary
With our 3-week Morocco itinerary, you’ll see ancient medinas, modern cities, beautiful coasts & the magnificent Sahara desert. Morocco can
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Desert Luxury Camp at night
A Night Under the Stars with Desert Luxury Camp
For us, a trip to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without a trip to our bucket list destination, the Sahara desert. It definitely
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karmela princesse
Feeling like Royalty at Riad Karmela Princesse
The taxi ride from the train station went from spacious, open roads to pure chaos as we entered the medina.
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Fes El Bali
Navigating Fes El Bali with Riad Anata
Our 3 weeks in Morocco started and ended in Fez. Fez is a north-eastern Moroccan city often referred to as the
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