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Luke’s Travel Playlist

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. Live my daydreams in music and see my life in terms of music.”
― Albert Einstein


“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
― Victor Hugo

Music is something that is found in all walks of life, in every country and with countless genres and styles. As a result, it becomes very easy to associate certain songs or genres to a particular mood you are, a particular location or perhaps a journey you are on. For example, there are obvious ones such as ‘Faith No More – Easy like Sunday Morning’ – perfect for that Sunday morning feeling in bed with the sun shining through the window and a cup of coffee in your hand. Whereas, ‘Meatloaf – Bat Out of Hell’ is my go to gym motivation song; and I am sure all of you have yours (which I would love to know)!

So what is the point of this post?

Since travelling I have slowly been building a little travel Spotify playlist that is my go to when on the road. It has an eclectic mix of songs ranging from Rock to Rap to Pop but has always provided me with that perfect feeling when on the road, whether I am taking an overnight train in India and sitting in the 3rd class tier surrounded by locals who just want to watch us sleep, whether I am cruising down the coast of Bali with the beautiful blues and tropical greenery or if I am on a giant ibis travelling from Vietnam to Cambodia.

I wanted to share my playlist with you because wherever you travel or whatever adventure you are on, there is always a song to match and hopefully you can take some of the songs listed below and add them to your travel playlist.

1. Coely ft. Yann Gaudeuille – My Tomorrow

2. Cailin Russo – Hierarchy

3. Ella Frank – Blue Jay

4. Mahalia – Borrowers

5. Plan B – In The Name of Man

6. Mac Miller ft. Anderson Peak – Dang!

7. Corinne Bailey Rae – Like a Star

8. Romans – Happy Love

9. Oscar Jerome – Give Back What You Stole From Me

10. Kid Cudi – Pursuit Of Happiness

11. Harry Styles – Sweet Creature

12. Harry Styles – Sign of The Times

13. Barry Louis Polisar – All I Want is You

14. Ray BLK – Patience

15. Raury ft. Jaden Smith – Losing Your Mind

16. Luis Fonsi ft. Justin Bieber – Despacito (Remix)

17. Barbra Lewis – Baby, I’m Yours

18. Carla Thomas – B-A-B-Y

19. Simon & Garfunkel – Baby Driver

20. T. Rex – Debora

21. Commodores – Easy

22. Sky Ferreira – Easy

23. Mikill Pane – Chairman of The Board

24. Meat Loaf – Bat our of Hell

25. Ron Pope – Beautiful & Lost

26. Ron Pop – Save Me

27. The Irish Rovers – I’ll Tell Me Ma

28. Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl

29. Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why

30. John Legend – Ordinary People

31. Biz Markie – Just A Friend


I am also wildly interested in your go to songs or travel playlist as I need to grow mine so Get in touch and let me listen!!